Swiss 'zero star hotel' offers sleepless nights to ponder world's crises

STORY: Fancy a sleepless night at this 'zero star hotel'?

Location: Saillon, Switzerland

There are no ceiling or walls

just a double bed on a platform

on a roadside next to a petrol station

The art installation was designed by the Riklin brothers

to make guests think about the problems in the world and inspire action

[Patrik Riklin, Swiss Concept Artist]

“In a nutshell it's not the time to sleep, we have to react. And with this room we also show that a mistake was made, it’s like a room that fell from the sky and that doesn't fit in this place, like something is broken. It's like a mistake and we want to show that with this anti-idyllic version, which of course is almost shocking at first, it makes people ask if that's real. Is there really someone spending their night there?”

The price for an imperfect night's sleep: 325 Swiss francs ($340)