Sydney endures first heatwave of 2021

Sydneysiders sweltered through the first heatwave of 2021 on Sunday (January 24) as temperatures reached into the thirties.

People cooled off at Sydney's beaches as the Bureau of Meteorology predicted there would be no relief until Tuesday (January 26) or Wednesday (January 27).

Gabrielle Woodhouse, the Senior Meteorologist at the Bureau of Meteorology, said to expect severe to extreme heatwave conditions in the next couple of days across parts of the state of New South Wales.

"In terms of what temperatures we are going to see, they are going to be anywhere between eight to 16 degrees above average and that's both daytime and night time," she said.

Parts of the states of South Australia and Victoria also reached into the thirties, with the inland of South Australia expected to reach into the forties.

Video Transcript

GABRIELLE WOODHOUSE: What we will see over the next couple of days is severe to extreme heatwave conditions across the southern and particularly the southeast areas of New South Wales. So in terms of what temperatures we're going to see, they're going to be anywhere between about 8 to 16 degrees above average, and that's for both daytime and nighttime.

With this heat wave, the heat wave itself is quite significant because we haven't been seeing this heat since basically the last heat wave at the end of November, early December.