Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone Slays On and Off The Track with Neutrogena

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone for Neutrogena
Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone for Neutrogena

New Jersey’s own, Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone has proven that her work on the track has been outstanding. She dominated the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with two gold medals: one in the 400m hurdles, breaking her world record and coming in at 51.46, and another in the 4×400. At only 24 years old, McLaughlin-Levrone is a force to be reckoned with. She does it all and manages to keep her skin glowing! Thanks to skincare brand Neutrogena, which just announced the track star as its newest ambassador.

21Ninety had a chance to sit down with McLaughlin-Levrone to discuss the new partnership and how Neutrogena is a huge part of her skincare routine.

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone x Neutrogena

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McLaughlin-Levrone is relatively new to the world of skincare. She says Neutrogena was one of the first brands that helped her take control of her skin as a teenager.

“It just made so much sense to be able to work with them on this brand partnership. I’ve been learning so much about my skin from the dermatologist,” she explained. “I spend so much time in the sun running track. I’m out there for three hours daily, so sunscreen is number one. I know you see it all over social media sometimes, but it’s just the importance of what we call pre-hab.”

She explains that pre-hab is the opposite of rehabilitation. It’s a term that means taking steps to protect yourself in advance, which is what she does with Neutrogena.

Along with making sure her skin is in order, she says that working with the brand on this campaign has been an amazing experience. The team at Neutrogena has been like a family and has made her transition into skincare very easy.

“This is my first beauty partnership, and that’s really been exciting,” she gushes. “As a young girl, just being so interested in all of that to now being able to be a part of it and share what I’m learning with others has been really cool.”

Stepping Into The Limelight

Sharing her world with others has been a part of her game since becoming a public figure. As someone who’s still very young herself, she understands the impact she has as a role model.

“It’s been a blessing, and I think it comes with a lot of responsibility,” she explains. “You do have a lot of eyes on you and a lot of young eyes. I just want to set a good example and be a good role model.”

The two-time Olympic gold medalist recently made headlines as she sustained a knee injury that forced her to withdraw from the World Championship meet in Budapest to heal in time for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Her decision, of course, was met with various opinions. As a sports figure with a public platform, she receives a lot of thoughts and views from the public. But McLaughlin-Levrone says she’s able to mute all of the noise.

“I would say the number one thing is my faith and the security it brings. Whether people’s opinions of me change, outcomes in track and field happen or not, I’m secure there,” she shares. “The second thing I would say is a good support system is huge. Having the right people around you who know the real you and are gonna stick with you through the highs and lows. Those two things make you feel like you can get through anything.”

The track star is excited to embark on a new chapter and head to the Paris 2024 Olympics. Her journey has been inspiring to watch!

McLaughlin-Levrone knows she is doing well in her career no matter what. She knows “not to take the opportunities for granted because it is just a blessing to be in this position.”

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