Sydney Sweeney: What To Watch If You Like The Euphoria Star

She's been making strides in Hollywood.

When it comes to some of the younger people who have been popping up in the entertainment industry, who are some of the first ones that come to mind? From stars like Tom Holland and Zendaya, tons of younger actors and actresses are making names for themselves in Hollywood, and one of those is Sydney Sweeney. 

Known for her breakout role as Cassie in the hit HBO show, Euphoria, Sweeney has been in movies and TV shows for some time now, showing off her acting prowess. If you’ve been just as much of a fan of her performance as I have been, you might want to see what else this young woman has to offer in both movies and TV. Here is what you can watch.  

By Alexandra Ramos

Sharp Objects

In this HBO miniseries starring Amy Adams, Sharp Objects follows a young woman named Camille, who recently was just let go from a psychiatric hospital for years of self-harm. When she returns home to her job as a crime reporter, she investigates the murders of two girls, while trying to fight her own personal demons. 

Sydney Sweeney portrayed Alice, Camille's roommate in the hospital, in Sharp Objects, and her scenes with Amy Adams just show how much talent Sweeney has, creating moving moments that not only stick with you but make you want to keep watching. If you haven’t watched Sharp Objects, you should give it a shot. It was definitely one of the best shows of 2018. 

Big Time Adolescence

The Hulu original film, Big Time Adolescence, is about a young boy named Mo who has a best friend who is decidedly older than him, and comes of age while trying to learn what’s right and wrong and dealing with the craziness of everything involved with his friend, Zeke. 

Sydney Sweeney plays Holly, Zeke’s girlfriend, and I personally really like her role in this. She’s a lot more laid back than many of her other parts and fits Holly perfectly in this coming of age story. I also really liked Pete Davidson’s work in this, creating not only an entertaining movie but and endearing one, as well.

Everything Sucks!

If you want to watch a fun coming of age comedy series, check out Everything Sucks!. This Netflix original series follows the tales of the students at Boring High School (yes, that is the name) mainly focusing on the students who participate in the Drama Club and A/V Club, showing their lives inside and outside of school 

For her role on the show, Sweeney portrayed Emaline Addario, one of the members of the drama club who loved to gossip, and honestly, I adored her in this show. While I do love her more dramatic turn on great teen shows such as Euphoria, there was something so charming about her in Everything Sucks!

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

This Quentin Tarantino film had plenty of stars all around. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood takes place in the famed city in 1969, following an actor and his stunt double who are trying to revive his career, despite the fact that there are bigger issues surrounding them in the area - like murder. 

While Sweeney wasn’t in the film for long - as was the case with so many actors in this movie - her role as Snake, a part of the Manson family, was essential in the storyline. Each of these girls all had a way of luring in people to their traps and I have to admit, she did a great job. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood cast is tremendously large, but I’ll always remember her work here.

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The Handmaid's Tale

Probably one of the more recognizable shows on television is The Handmaid’s Tale. This great Hulu original series takes place in a dystopian world named Gilead, which was once the United States, but is now a totalitarian society where women are treated as property of state. But, soon, people begin to rise up against this regime. 

Sydney Sweeney played Eden Spencer on the show, a recurring role for seven episodes, but a memorable part nonetheless. Her story was tragic from the start to the end and one of the haunting parts of The Handmaid’s Tale that still sticks with me to this day. It’s also a brilliant way of showing Sweeney’s acting skill, because damn did she act her heart out in this show. She was amazing.


This independent film stars Sweeney. In Clementine, a young woman wants refuge from the world after a messy break-up. However, when she decides to stay in her ex’s lake house, she meets someone new there named Lana - and this, in turn, leads to a strange new relationship that turns her life upside down. 

Sweeney portrayed Lana, the woman the main character, Karen, runs into. While the film wasn’t a big-budget hit or a big streaming movie like many of the other picks on this list, I personally really like Clementine, specifically because the cast is so small, and you can really focus on Sweeney’s acting ability. Clementine can drag a bit at times, but at the center it’s a genuine story about the effects of love and life and how much one event can impact you for the rest of your life. The two leads are great together and have wonderful chemistry. 

The White Lotus

Who hasn’t heard of The White Lotus at this point? This HBO original series follows six vacationers who are trying to just enjoy their free days of leisure, but the dark side of their vacation spot begins to come out, and their days in paradise turn to days of problems. 

The White Lotus cast has plenty of amazing stars in it, but Sydney Sweeney is definitely one of the memorable ones. Playing Olivia Mossbacher, the daughter of Nicole and Mark, her moments in the show are truly iconic and her sarcastic humor only adds to it, creating not only a genuinely fun performance but a character I could root for. 


This Amazon original movie will make you shiver from head to toe. Nocturne, starring Sydney Sweeney, tells the story of two twin sisters who both play violin, but when one of them begins to get overshadowed by the other, she goes through any means possible to try and get the attention and respect that she deserves. 

Produced by Blumhouse (you know, the kings of horror movies, at this point), Nocturne is a great entry into the psychological horror franchise. It almost reminds me of Black Swan in a way, where Sweeney’s main character, Julia, is trying to do anything in order to be successful, to the point where it may kill her. There are moments that certainly could be stronger, but Nocturne’s pros outweigh its cons, and Sweeney’s acting performance is one of the great pros. She needs to be in more horror movies, as she’s perfect in these kinds of roles.

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Night Teeth

Night Teeth, a Netflix original film, follows a college student who works as a chauffeur to save up money. But, when two of his passengers one night end up being literal blood-sucking monsters, he needs to try and find a way to keep himself going and not die. 

I’ll be honest - Night Teeth is a little bit campy. There are moments of pure silliness and it’s certainly for people who enjoy the vampire genre rather than just true scares, but I think that’s what makes it so enjoyable. Sydney Sweeney portrayed Eva, a vampire boss alongside Megan Fox’s character, who gets to decide which vampires live or die when they are banished - I mean, that’s a pretty awesome character description. And, she kills it in her role - see what I did there? She deserved more screen time, honestly.


It’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Euphoria is a popular show on HBO following the stories of high schoolers, mainly through Rue, a young woman who is suffering from drug addiction and is just along for the ride of all the drama of the other students in her hometown. 

Sydney Sweeney has won acclaim for her role as Cassie in Euphoria since the show’s premiere, and has only gotten better with her skillful acting. The Euphoria cast is iconic in so many ways, but I’ve adored her in this show. 


Sydney Sweeney popped up in great TV shows and independent films before her breakout role in Euphoria. Here is what you can watch if you like her.