Sydney zoo unveils first baby koala in a year

An Australian zoo has unveiled its latest addition, a baby koala. Humphrey the koala joey is the first to be born at Taronga Zoo Sydney in over a year, the zoo said. (Feb. 25)

Video Transcript

LAURA JONES: We've only just seen him in the last two weeks. So around eight months old, although it seems weird, that's the right time to come out of the pouch. He'll stay with mom until he's about a year old at which point he'll be ready to become independent from her.

Koalas in the wild aren't having a great time. We all know that we had some really catastrophic bushfires here on the East Coast last year. That made a really big dent in our koala numbers, unfortunately.

But there are other threats that continue to exist today. So hit by cars, dog attacks, there are some diseases that koalas suffer from. And the really big one is land clearing.