Synagogue is attacked, and the Star-Telegram gets two conservatives to weigh in on it?

An aerial view of police in front of the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue on Jan. 16 in Colleyville, Texas. (Brandon Wade/Associated Press file photo)
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Scoring political points off attack

The Star-Telegram on Sunday published two op-eds about the Collyeville synagogue attack. I wish one had been written by someone of the Jewish faith. Instead, we have Rep. Beth Van Duyne waxing sympathetic before laying the whole thing at President Joe Biden’s feet. (5C, “Response to synagogue attack shows how our community can unite to fight antisemitism”) And we have Cynthia M. Allen opining that the perpetrator and his motives weren’t explored because Muslims are “darlings of the media.” (5C, “Our acceptance of subtle antisemitism helps make attacks such as Colleyville possible”)

Have you read your own paper’s comprehensive coverage? I’d have loved a piece on antisemitism by someone who has experienced it rather than more takes by “allies” interested only in furthering their conservative agendas.

- Helen Anders, Fort Worth

Today’s music needs more spark

I watched a show on the music of 1971 and how it changed society. I’m disappointed with current music because it doesn’t speak to the issues we have today. We have concerns with social media, income inequity, climate change and justice reform, and I don’t hear them addressed.

Times need to change, and it starts with those who have the voice. Imagine, as John Lennon did. Express yourself and help change the world.

- David Jones, Arlington

Time for men to play their part

If, according to the state of Texas, life begins at six weeks, then so should child-support payments. Guys, step up and pay at six weeks, and if you can’t be identified until birth, then you have a lot of back payments with interest.

The attorney general’s office is long overdue in implementing these new regulations and stepping up enforcement to prevent discrimination of pregnant women in the workplace.

Guys, if you get someone pregnant, whether you are 16 or 60, get your wallet now and support that child you created.

- Gabrielle Gordon, unincorporated Tarrant County

A question of how you frame it

In the Jan. 22 “Extra” article “Activists press companies on abortion with Roe v. Wade at stake,” (Page 3) CQ-Roll Call reporter Ellen Myers notes pressure on Home Depot and other companies “on the disparity between their public support for women in the workplace and contributions to lawmakers who want to restrict abortion access.”

Those applying such pressure exhibit a logical disconnect. Might I remind them of the obvious fact that about 50% of those aborted are girls, many of whom, if not aborted, would grow up to be “women in the workplace”?

So, it is actually Home Depot and the others who are truly supporting the interests of women.

- Thomas F. Harkins Jr., Fort Worth

Votes against, then takes credit

The photo of Rep. Kay Granger on the front page of the Star-Telegram on Friday was typical of the hypocrisy of Republicans. Granger voted with all her fellow Texas Republicans to reject the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which is funding the Panther Island project she was there touting.

The law is designed to repair our crumbling infrastructure while adding many new good-paying jobs. It’s funding innovation and technology aimed at reducing the advance of climate change.

In typical Republican fashion, they oppose every piece of legislation designed to help the average working class American but are not above taking credit where they have done nothing but obstruct.

- Constance Richardson, Fort Worth

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