Suspect arrested in Bronx synagogue vandalism incidents

Jordan Burnette, 29, is facing several charges including burglary as a hate crime.

Video Transcript

- Releasing more video of the man they say went on a vandalizing spree, targeting synagogues in the Bronx last week. They say he threw rocks at the windows of four of them, leaving a trail of broken glass and a community deeply concerned. Eyewitness News reporter Naveen Dhaliwal live in Riverdale with the very latest on the investigation. Naveen?

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: David, there has been round-the-clock security by police since this all happened last Saturday here at the Riverdale Jewish Center on West 237th Street. The crime scene unit just arrived in the last half hour. Now this is very unsettling for neighbors here. They are concerned and they say anti-Semitism is rocking their neighborhood. And now even the Guardian Angels are patrolling.

Not a usual sight in Riverdale, the Guardian Angels on the streets after four synagogues were vandalized last week, some hit more than once. Police now releasing new surveillance footage of the suspect seen walking in the neighborhood. Investigators say he was the guy seen here, smashing windows of the Young Israel of Riverdale on Henry Hudson Parkway east.

- He was on Candid Camera and he couldn't care less!

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: The suspect's boldness concerning local activists and leaders as they gathered at the Riverdale Jewish Center also vandalized. Detectives say the suspect targeted the Jewish houses of worship between early last Friday morning and late Saturday night. The proximity of the synagogues and the time of the crimes leading investigators to believe it was one suspect. The rash of vandalism sending alarm bells across Jewish neighborhoods in all boroughs-- some concerned the spike in anti-Semitism is only getting worse.

ALAN GOTLIE: Even if they catch the guy, which I'm assuming they will, with the cameras and the videos and all the technology that's out there. What's going to happen to them? They're going to-- he'll be out the same day with a slap on the wrist.

NAVEEN DHALIWAL: And that's another big concern that neighbors have, that once they catch him, is he going to be able to get out and do this again? But right now, no arrests in this case, and police and neighbors are keeping a close eye on their surroundings and the streets, and they're hoping someone will recognize this guy from the surveillance pictures.