Syria says Israeli airstrike killed two civilians, injured seven others

Syrian officials said an Israeli airstrike Wednesday morning killed two civilians and injured seven others, The Associated Press reported.

Six of the seven people wounded in the attack were Syrian soldiers, according to the AP.

A military official told news agency SANA that the Israeli warplane fired missiles while flying over airspace in neighboring Lebanon.

Syrian air defense forces shot down most of the missiles, and some material damage was reported along with the casualties, the official told the state news agency, per the AP.

According to a Syrian opposition war monitor, the airstrikes hit positions that housed Syrian fighters loyal to Lebanon's Hezbollah group.

Hezbollah has fought with Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces throughout the decadelong civil war in the country, the AP reported.

Israel has conducted hundreds of strikes and attacks inside Syria over the past few years, the AP reported, but it rarely acknowledges targeted attacks. However, it has acknowledged targeting arms shipments to Iran-allied militias such as Hezbollah.

The Israeli military did not comment on the latest reported airstrike, the AP reported.