The Syrian dentist treating the displaced

Abu Shams is a dentist to Syria’s displaced.

Displaced himself, he now tours the camps of Idlib implanting teeth or dentures to those in need.

For Syrians who are struggling financially, he’s a life-saver charging around half the price of a professional clinic.

$100 for dentures and between $5-$10 for a tooth implant.

The dental technician explains how he learned his trade.

"I have been working in fixing teeth for twenty years. We were handed this career through heritage, not by studying, and we were able to improve it over time. Our ancestors first used to work with golden teeth, we improved things until we were able to make whole dentures. Thank God, our work is very good."

He used to implant metal, copper or gold teeth but has now moved on to using porcelain as technology improves.

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