Syrup spills onto roadway after tractor-trailer overturns in West Conshohocken

It's a sticky situation in West Conshohocken on Thursday evening after a tractor-trailer carrying syrup overturns on the roadway.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news Matt Pellman passed along just a few minutes ago and give you the live vantage point over this rather unusual accident. Playing out on the ramp from the Blue Route 476 to Conshohocken State Road Route 23. This in West Conshohocken.

That tractor trailer was apparently carrying quite a bit of syrup, which of course dislodged when the tractor trailer jackknifed. It is a sticky situation. Forgive me for saying that, I'm resisting a lot of puns at the moment.

It is causing a traffic headache here in the area of West Conshohocken. Again, this the ramp from the Blue Route to Route 23 in West Conshohocken. They've been trying to clean this up since 1 o'clock when it happened.

They've got that skid steer out there pushing the syrup off the roadway. And look at all the traffic up above looking down to see what in the world is going on down here. No injuries, grateful to report.