I can’t believe this Taco Bell hotel and resort is a real thing

The newest creation that Taco Bell has cooked up is something the fast food chain is describing, with great fanfare in an official announcement today, as a “tacoasis.” No, it’s not some new menu item that’s going to clog your arteries and make you question certain life choices. It’s actually a reference to the forthcoming Taco Bell Hotel — a very real hotel and resort the company is planning to open in August in Palm Springs, Calif.

It will have a gift shop with Taco Bell-themed clothes. A salon that offers Taco Bell-inspired nail art, plus Taco Bell-inspired rooms. And no, just as a reminder, today is not April 1.

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“It will be fun, colorful, flavorful and filled with more than what our fans might expect,” Taco Bell’s Chief Global Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg said in a statement released today. “Also, just like some of our most sought-after food innovation, this hotel brings something entirely new for lucky fans to experience and enjoy.”

Reservations will open in June, and anyone who wants to score one can head here to stay up to date with announcements related to the project.

We should stress — this is a temporary hotel, with Taco Bell essentially taking over an existing property. Nevertheless, Thalberg told CNBC in an interview today that the whole idea here is to cater to the brand’s super-fans. “I have often quipped that Taco Bell is the fast fashion of food,” she told the network. “We have our everyday classics, but then we’re always introducing these cool limited-edition experiences to do something new and different.”

This is also not the first time the chain has tried something outside of food to cater to its fans. To date, for example, there have been more than 165 Taco Bell wedding registrations. The brand also teamed up with Airbnb in 2016 to reward guests staying overnight at a location in Canada, and the chain has worked in the past with retailer Forever 21 to sell Taco Bell-themed clothes.

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