‘I can’t breathe’: Oklahoma City police release footage of moments leading to Derrick Ollie Scott’s Death

Oklahoma City police have released bodycam footage from May 2019 showing the moments before suspect Derrick Ollie Scott died in custody. In the video, Scott can be heard pleading to arresting officers, “I can’t breathe.” The release of the footage comes after pressure from the Oklahoma City chapter of Black Lives Matter to revisit the case. Despite the release of the footage, the Oklahoma City Police Department stands by its assessment that the officers involved committed no wrongdoing.

Video Transcript

- Get your hands behind your back.

- Authorities have released body-cam video of Derrick Scott's arrest from May of last year. He was taken to an area hospital where police say he died. There were 87 minutes of video released between the four officers. Officers say they were called because of a fight at a taco truck.


DERRICK SCOTT: I can't breathe.


DERRICK SCOTT: I can't breathe. Please. Help me.

- Give me your hands.

DERRICK SCOTT: I can't breathe.

- How the hell they going to help you when you acting ignorant?

- He was up walking. She was trying to get the IV and everything.

LARRY WITHROW: This case was fully investigated by the Oklahoma City Police Department and handed over to the DA's office. District Attorney David Prater reviewed the case and determined there was no misconduct or inappropriate action on the part of the officers. He cleared them of any criminal wrongdoing, and they were returned to regular duty. The medical examiner's office determined the manner of death was unknown and stated there was no fatal trauma to the body.

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