‘I Can’t Breathe’: Police Release Footage Showing Officer Repeatedly Shoving Snow in Man’s Face

A police officer resigned amid an internal use-of-force investigation, after he was shown to have repeatedly shoved snow in the face of a man during a domestic violence arrest in Akron, Ohio, on February 7.

In video footage released by the City of Akron, an officer can be seen repeatedly placing snow on a man’s face as other officers handcuff him. The man can be heard saying that he “can’t breathe.”

The incident happened after a woman called 911 to report that a man, named as Charles Hicks, had “threatened her with a knife and that she was scared for the safety of her children”, according to local reports.

During a news conference on Thursday, Acting Chief Mike Caprez said the “tactic” used by the officer was “not supported by the circumstances” or trained by the department. Officer John Turnure voluntarily resigned effective March 31, local media reported. Credit: City of Akron via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Oh no, tell me-- I'm telling the truth. Telling the truth.


- OK great.

- I don't know where to start.


- If you want to shoot me, then shoot me. Kill me then. Kill me then. 'Cause he's been disrespectful.

- Is he a 13?

- I'm talking to ya'll.

- Step down.

- I'm not a 13, sir. I'm not a 13, sir. I'm talking to him, sir. No, you're being disrespectful.

- Sit down.

- Come on. Get down.

- Excuse me sir, can I talk to him?

- Yeah, come down here.

- Can I be respectful?

- Come down here.

- Get down here.

- He's being disrespectful, sir. You came up on us. He's being disrespectful, sir. I'm trying to be-- I'm not a 13, sir.


- I'm not a 13, sir. I'm not a 13, sir.


- We can talk.

- Can you tell him?

- So he's a 13?

- Can you tell him?


- Get down here so we can talk.

- I'll get on my knees. I'm not-- listen, listen to me.

- Come get down and we can talk.

- You touching me. If you touch me, I'll call the police.

- Just relax.

- No, I'm not. Don't touch me. Don't touch me.

- Relax.

- I'm a demon.

- Relax.

- Kill me. Kill me.

- Relax.

- Kill me. Tell my-- tell my son you're going to kill me. Tell my son you're going to kill me. Tell my son you're going to kill me. Tell my son you're going to kill me. Show me.

- Hey, man.

- Show me then, bro. See how I take up when you all go tell me? Sir, look you with me in my eyes.

- Put your arms behind your back.

- Look me in the eyes.

- Put your arms behind your back.

- Look me in my eyes. Tell my sergeant how you're going to kill me. Tell my sergeant. Tell my sergeant.

- Is it broke?

- Tell my son.

- That's crazy, bro. That's crazy.

- Yeah. Shoot me. Kill me. Kill me, bro.


- Oh.

- Can't breathe.


- Yes.


- Which way here we go? Just talk.

- Out front. Out front. In front.


- Yo, sir. Yo, sir. [INAUDIBLE] Yo, sir. Yo, sir.

- There's one.

- Yo, sir. Yo, sir.

- Got it.

- Yo, sir. I can't breathe, yo, sir. Yo, sir. Yo, sir.

- Listen.

- I can't breathe, sir.

- Listen.

- I apologize, sir.

- OK.

- I really can't breathe. I apologize.

- I need you to listen.

- I really can't breathe.

- It's over.

- I apologize.

- OK, we're going to roll you. OK?

- Can you please just tell me? I won't-- I won't stand up. I won't do nothing.

- Over here.


- OK yes, sir.

- Sit up. Put your knees to your chest. Now stand up.

- There.


- I can't breathe, sir. I really can't breathe.