T-Bucket Sports Twin-Turbo LS Swap

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Hope you like whiplash…

If you’re looking for a lightweight, fun, pre-WWII car, the Model T isn’t a bad route to go. People have hacked them up all kinds of different ways, creating everything from ice cream trucks to hot rods, called T-Buckets. And while there have been some pretty hot T-Buckets, most pale in comparison to this one with a twin-turbo LS V8 sitting right up front.

Check out an LS swap in a Tesla here.

Yes, we know, many Ford purists are eternally annoyed by the Chevy engines sitting in classic Fords. We get it, these things should have a Coyote or a Nailhead or anything other than an LS. Well, there are reasons why people go the LS swap route, mostly because it works quite well as clearly evidenced in the video we’ve included.

This T-Bucket was shown off at Holley LS Fest 2021. It’s the kind of gathering which again will send the Blue Oval purists into a mental health down spiral, so we do apologize for that. However, the gathering gives people a chance to show off some truly wild and wonderful builds such as this.

According to the guy who built it, this car is his friend’s. It originally had a small block in it and apparently “did good donuts” – we can only imagine. However, the guy “just wanted to do something crazy.” Well, he got just that, because with two sizable turbos and an LS, this thing is incredibly overpowered. The builder said he estimates it’s making 700-800-horsepower.

You really have to watch it with a machine like this. Mash that accelerator at the wrong moment and you could end up wrapping this T-Bucket around a tree or send it into oncoming traffic. Driving such a thing is awesome but it requires skill. There’s no computer helping you reign things in or doing the driving for you, but that’s where the fun is to be had.

Check out the video to see this thing in action and get more of a rundown on the specs.

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