T-Mobile takes a victory lap

Brad Reed

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has never been humble about anything, so it’s not surprising to see that when he looks back over the past year, he sees one victory after another. That said, only the most delusional PR person from Verizon or AT&T would deny that T-Mobile has really changed the competitive landscape of the wireless industry over the past couple of years, so Legere’s bragging does have some real justification. In a blog post recapping the year T-Mobile had in 2015, Legere boasted about how right he’d been about predictions he made at this time last year about the rest of the mobile industry scrambling to keep up with T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” moves.

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Here are Legere’s four best examples of how T-Mobile has pushed the industry in new directions:

T-Mobile itself does some questionable things, particularly with regard to its net neutrality-bending Binge On and Music Freedom initiatives that exempt certain apps from its monthly data limits on capped data plans. That said, there’s no doubt that it’s done a lot to free up customers from their wireless contracts, to let them upgrade their phones more quickly and to pressure rivals to stop overage fees. And for that, Legere has good reason to boast.

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