AT&T schedules new shipping date for Samsung's Galaxy Fold

According to a customer who ordered the Samsung Galaxy Fold from AT&T, the telecommunications company sent out emails this morning confirming that the new ship date for the flexible phones is June 13.

After delaying the release and recalling pre-released units, AT&T is sending out emails to Samsung Galaxy Fold customers -- as reported by Twitter user MightyDroid -- saying the phone is now expected to ship on June 13, over two weeks after the original date.

The folding handsets were originally supposed to be sent out on April 24, but several journalists and reviewers who received the device ahead of this date reported that it had broken (or they had accidentally broken it) within days of receiving it.

This bad buzz took social media by storm, and yesterday, it was reported that Samsung is taking all the devices back to evaluate the issues.

Will a delay of just a little over a fortnight be enough for Samsung to address all the issues that pre-release users experienced? With a price tag of very nearly $2,000, we hope so.