AT&T Stadium Now A Federal COVID-19 Vaccination Site

Around 5,000 got the COVID-19 vaccine on Sunday at AT&T Stadium.

Video Transcript

- The home of the Dallas Cowboys is now home to COVID-19 vaccines. A federal vaccination site that has been in Arlington for weeks now has gone ahead and moved over to AT&T Stadium for the first time. Our Jason Allen reports.

JASON ALLEN: The federal community vaccine clinics that have been doing a stadium tour in Arlington finally landed at the biggest site in the city. On the first day, Sunday, nearly 5,000 people received a shot at AT&T Stadium, the largest single day effort for the Arlington location so far.

JUAN AYALA: The Cowboys, the Rangers, the city of Arlington, we've kind of been working around the schedules of commitments at these facilities.

JASON ALLEN: With no calendar conflicts, shots should be delivered overlooking the west end zone through Monday of next week. It could be here another month beyond that.

JUAN AYALA: If we can get the dosages together to support this site here in Arlington.

JASON ALLEN: For the first time Monday, Tarrant County also started offering options on when and where people want to receive the vaccine. A pull-down menu of times and places are on the county's website. There is also now an option to choose that you are homebound, and request in-home vaccine service.

Doses here our appointment only, but late today the Arlington Fire Department open things up to the first 1,000 people who could get here before they closed. They have a goal of getting 5,000 people a day through the door, so they may deviate from the appointment plan if not enough people show up each day. In Arlington, Jason Allen, CBS11 News.