T.I. And Tiny's OMG Girl Dollz Lawsuit Ends In Mistrial Over 'Cultural Appropriation' Testimony

According to reporter Meghann Cuniff, the civil case between the girl group OMG Girlz and MGA Entertainment ended in a mistrial on Wednesday.

The toy company’s lawyers requested a mistrial after the jurors mistakenly viewed a deposition of a former MGA customer, Moniece Campbell. During deposition, Campbell revealed she stopped buying the brand’s dolls after realizing they were based on the music group OMG Girlz.

“I did not want to support a company that steals from African Americans and their ideas and profit off of it and don’t give African Americans the profit,” Campbell said.

The recording also collected Campbell’s opinion on how MGA’s OMG Dolls “is stolen from the OMG Girlz.”

“People often steal from the Black community and make money off of it” and “hundreds” and one of the jurors agrees with the accusations.

After the trial, a juror spoke with Cuniff supporting the OMG Girlz brand and likeliness.

“Frankly I sort of agreed with what she was saying,” he said. He also believes the OMG Girlz had a solid case against the toy company.

He also cited the dolls’ packaging, names, logo, and appearances. “I’m sorry, I can’t believe it’s a coincidence.”

Judge James V. Selna said the deposition violated his regulated order barring references to cultural appropriation and racism.

According to Los Angeles Magazine, Jennifer Keller, MGA’s lawyer claims the deposition recording was “really, really prejudicial” against the company.

“The court erred when failing to pick up the cultural misappropriation in those passages,” Selna said.

T.I.’s lawyer, Erin Ranahan, asked Selna to reconsider stating the deposition testimony wasn’t helpful to her case.

“We did not want that theme before this jury in particular. This is not Los Angeles. There’s not a single Black person on the jury,” Ranahan said. “We don’t believe that the prejudicial effect of that statement is going to impact their ability to be fair,” he said.

Selna wasn’t swayed. Attorneys will reconvene in his courtroom next week to deliberate the possibility of a second trial.