Taco Bell Is Rolling Out the 'Ultimate GameDay Box' Just in Time for the Super Bowl

Maybe order two, just in case.

We won’t know which teams will face each other in this year’s Super Bowl until the final whistles blow on both of Sunday’s Conference Championships, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start making plans for the big game. 

Taco Bell is trying to make things easier for everyone, whether you’re the “paint your face and host a party” type or you’re really just watching it for the commercials. Starting today, the chain is serving up an Ultimate GameDay Box, filled with a Mexican Pizza, four Crunchy Tacos, eight Crispy Chicken Wings, and two Spicy Ranch dipping sauces. 

The $22 box — which is available through Thursday, February 9 — can be picked up at your go-to Taco Bell location, ordered in advance through the app, or brought to your door by one of its delivery partners. 

<p>Courtesy of Taco Bell</p>

Courtesy of Taco Bell


“The Ultimate GameDay Box allows Taco Bell to compete in a space that's been traditionally reserved for pizza and wings, in a way only this brand can," Sean Tresvant, Taco Bell’s global chief brand officer, said in a statement.

"A shareable meal that delivers the Mexican Pizza, which over-exceeded our forecasts last year due to fan demand, Crunchy Tacos, which are one of our top-selling items, and the ultra-craveable Crispy Chicken Wings [...] makes this an easy choice for those debating on how to feed their friends and family, no matter the occasion," Tresvant added. (Or, let's be honest, it's a good way to feed yourself: we could absolutely finish the Ultimate GameDay Box on our own.)

Your first thought after reading those paragraphs might've been, "Wait, Taco Bell has chicken wings?" The company tested its Crispy Chicken Wings — complete with a dusting of "bold Mexican seasoning" — in Fullerton, California in August 2020. They made a brief appearance in Taco Bells nationwide last January. An a la carte order of five Crispy Chicken Wings goes for $6.99.

Taco Bell has also launched a Wings Filter in the Taco Bell app to let you know which restaurants are currently serving wings. (You can find this feature by tapping the "Find Wings" box on the app's launch page or in its location selection section.) And, on top of that, between now and February 1, if you place an order through the app of at least $15 or more, you can score a free Mexican Pizza.

It doesn't matter what happens in the Super Bowl: we're clearly all winners right now.