Tahjee Nelson is named Alabama JROTC President

Mar. 17—Junior Tahjee Nelson has participated in the Athens High School JRTOC program for three years. Recently he was named the State President for the Alabama JROTC.

"Since the end of my Sophomore year, I knew this was something that I for sure wanted to do. Last December, I submitted an application," Nelson said. "At the end of February, I received an email stating I was chosen to move on to Phase II. On March 9, I traveled to the annual Alabama JROTC State Leadership Conference for the interview."

Nelson has commanded sabre, color guard, PT team, flag details, and drill.

"I joined JROTC because I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. After my first year of JROTC, I realized that JROTC wasn't something to make you join the military. It was a course provided to students to help them improve as citizens and prepare them for the real world," Nelson said.

According to Nelson, his new duties could include:

* Serving as a powerful connection from the Cadets of JROTC in the State of Alabama to the Career and Technical Education Association

* Attending regular meetings

* Accomplishing all requested tasks by the Chain of Command

* Effectively representing Alabama JROTC cadets' concerns to the state-wide community

* Coordinating all ALJROTC activities

* Attending HS JROTCs as requested

* Leading the State Officer Team and ensuring all primary objectives are being met

"To me, being the JROTC President means being a beacon of light and of hope for those under me. I would not be where I am had it not been for the Cadets and former State Officers," Nelson said. "Being the President means I'm someone who not only knows how to lead but also how to follow and hear the needs of the Cadets."