Taiwan rebuffs accusations it racially attacked WHO chief

By Ben Blanchard
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    According to the Guardian in 2015, it reported that the WHO was too slow to react to the Ebola crisis, while member States also failed to fulfill responsibilities.

    The previous WHO Director Dr Margaret Chan did have time for more important matters. She made it a point that all reference to Taiwan in communications from member States to the WHO whether electronic or hard copy must refer to Taiwan as the "Taiwan province of China" and if any member State wants to pass to the WHO any information given to them by Taiwan, the information must first have clearance involving coordination with the Permanent Mission of China in Geneva.

    In December 31, 2019, Taiwan directly contacted the WHO to warn them that they have evidence of human to human transmission. The WHO ignored the warning. In the middle of January, the WHO tweeted that Chinese scientists told them that there was NO evidence of human to human transmission. When President Trump banned flights from China on January 31st, the WHO said that there was no reason to interfere with the moving of people and trade.

    Between the WHO and Taiwan, I'm more inclined to believe Taiwan.
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    It is ironic that the WHO does not admit Taiwan, which is one of the few shining stars that did a great job with controlling the pandemic. Their ability to test, in abundance and as much as they need, do detail contact tracing of those positive, and hands get the positive cases to quarantine went along way with making sure this didn't get out of control for them. They key was they did this early, and they took action immediately. Unlike the USA, unfortunately up to a month ago, the President was still thinking this is a flu that will go away when it gets warmer in April. The other thing Taiwan did was their government essentially invoked their own version of the War Powers Act, making manufactures that are on the island, mass produce PPEs, and face masks, so that medical professionals, and all citizens had enough. They also took over all the produced inventory and distributed via their national medical program with an id check. Each individual is given a ration that you can pick up everyday, for adults and children alike. This meant no hoarding, no price gauging, and everyone had enough.
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    Frank Castle
    Adhanom, on the other hand, is a prominent member of the Ethiopian government whose former leader, Meles Zenawi (the man who appointed Adhanom to his position), had a reported net worth of over $3b., having amassed this amount entirely during his years in office.
    He took power in 1991 with an officially listed salary of $220 per month, and had no private financial resources to his name at that point. Today, all the top leaders of the TPLF are billionaires, though their nation remains an impoverished member of the Third World. Sadly, the source of these leaders’ newfound wealth is not too hard to surmise.
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    The Republic of China (Taiwan) should be readmitted to the United Nations. It is a country of laws, Democracy and free elections. Its people are industrious and hardworking and peaceful. What more reasons do you need?
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    WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus covers up the severity of the coronavirus and outbreak when the virus emerged. Better check his and his family member's bank account.
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    Lots of trolls controlled by the Chinese Communist Party making negative comments on this article. Taiwan is a free, independent country and needs to be recognized as such. The United States needs to officially recognize Taiwan and establish diplomatic relations with it. Mainland Communist China will raise a fuss but in the end there is nothing they can do about it. Mainland Communist China will not end diplomatic relations or trade relations with the United States because it would have to withdraw all of its spies who are in the United States posing as students, scientists, doctors, and researchers.
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    There is no racist attack WHO. Recently, many countries of the world accused the WHO for not doing the right job.
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    China could learn a lot from Taiwan. See how many masks Taiwan has donated? China has donated almost nothing while The U.S. Department of State also donated 17.8 tons of medical equipment to China in February. The mass donation included “masks, gowns, gauze, respirators, and other vital materials.”
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    Taiwan has one of the world best and advanced hospitals and medical researches. Taiwan's achievement in medical science and humility are ranked top in the world. As head of WHO, Tedros doesn't seem to care about how Taiwan can offer help to the world in this pandemic.
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    if you turn president XI upside down and and shake him the who fell out of his pocket