Taiwan says it will counter China threats with U.S.

A delegation sent by U.S. President Joe Biden to Taiwan met with the islands leader Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday where she said Taiwan would work with Washington to counter military activity by China.

“We are very willing to work with like-minded countries including the U.S. to jointly safeguard the peace and stability of the Indo-pacific and deter adventurous manoeuvres and provocations."

In the last few months, Taiwan has complained that China’s air force sends almost daily missions near its air defense identification zone.

Most recently on Monday, a record number of Chinese fighter jets and nuclear-capable bombers flew into Taiwan’s ADIZ and Wednesday China announced it would begin five days of live-fire drills off part of its coast facing Taiwan.

The emissaries visiting Taiwan include former U.S. officials and their arrival was meant to signal Biden's commitment to safeguarding Taiwan and its democracy.

Former U.S. Senator Chris Dodd assured Tsai the U.S. is Taiwan's "reliable, trusted friend” and the alliance is “stronger than ever.”

China described its military exercises near Taiwan as "combat drills" and said the U.S. meeting in Taiwan "will only exacerbate the tense situation in the Taiwan Strait."