Takeaways As Testimony Begins In The Derek Chauvin Trial

WCCO's Jason DeRusha is watching all of the trial for our comprehensive coverage on CBSN Minnesota (2:24). WCCO 4 News At 5 - March 29, 2021

Video Transcript

- Taking great care to make sure you were never on camera.

- For the first time in Minnesota cameras are in the courtroom for a criminal trial. And while you won't see the jurors you will see the judge, prosecutors, defense, and witnesses. It's a close up look at the Minnesota justice system that we haven't seen before.

- And WCCO's Jason DeRusha is watching all of it for a comprehensive trial coverage on CBSN Minnesota and he joins us now. Hi there, Jason.

JASON DERUSHA: Matt, Emilia, and Frank, I'm sure you guys feel the same way. This is something else to witness, isn't it? The world was watching as opening statements were shown live, not only here in the US, but everywhere. Jerry Blackwell using a timeline in his opening statement, showing video, that video the main thing prosecutors want jurors to think about, those nine plus minutes as they talked about.

Eric Nelson telling the story on behalf of Derek Chauvin that the video is only part of the story. Tens of thousands of pieces of evidence. We saw an extremely confident and comfortable witness. Aren't you glad that Jenna Scurry is there when you call 911 as a dispatcher?

We saw a witness who was struggling to remember the details of what happened that night, the stress of this moment. You felt for her, sitting on the stand. And then the wrestler the MMA expert, who knows chokeholds, and witnessed police take down George Floyd.

We get to put ourselves in the jurors seats. So many of us became experts today, right? Why are they asking so many questions? Why they spent two hours with a 911 dispatcher? It is because of COVID that Judge Cahill required the live streaming of the trial.

But we haven't seen the worst fears of those who speak out against the idea of cameras in the court. Far from showboating, our legal analyst, Dan Tamburino, told me he was surprised with how dull the early testimony was, how long they went on, how little theater there was. But perhaps that, at this point is for the best, as the evidence will do the talking. And we all get a chance to watch it. It's pretty amazing.

- Yeah, it really is. And I'm glad that we do have Joe Tamburino the legal analyst for him to tell us why I think maybe they did things that way, because you know we're thinking like the jurors too, and wondering, why didn't they start off with a family witness or something?

JASON DERUSHA: Right, why not the emotional, kind of get to know George Floyd evidence that maybe we expected.

- All right.

- We'll see you tomorrow, Jason. Thanks. Our all day coverage of the trial with team coverage and analysis will continue tomorrow on CBSN, Minnesota.