Takeve is Rome's female-only delivery service

STORY: This delivery service employs female riders only

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

Alessia Baldassarri is one of the 15 women who work for Takeve

The food delivery app provides job opportunities for women

in the traditionally male-dominated industry

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) RIDER FOR 'TAKEVE' FOOD DELIVERY COMPANY, ALESSIA BALDASSARRI, SAYING: "I actually feel more comfortable working with only women. I'm a very insecure girl so I feel more comfortable working with just women rather than working with men."

The company uses electric bicycles for the deliveries

Each rider is given a personal alarm device

that sends out a high-pitched alarm

if they find themselves in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation


"I didn't mind the idea of becoming a rider at all, as we had come through a pretty terrible period where we had to stay at home for practically two years. I also needed to work outdoors and, being a part-time job, it allowed me to better look after my children. I have an 8-year old daughter and a 5-year old son. I was sorry that I wasn't able to see them all day long, but a part-time job allows me to be independent because I stopped working when my son was born."