Takoma Park police investigating several suspicious, ‘peeping tom’ reports in same neighborhood

TAKOMA PARK, Md. (DC News Now) — The Takoma Park Police Department was investigating two incidents that officials said were related to a “peeping tom” reported on Jan. 26.

Police said that residents near Flower Avenue reported “suspicious activities” around 10 p.m. on Friday.

One resident in the 7400 block of Flower Avenue reported a man who was looking into a woman’s bedroom window.

In the 7500 block of Flower Avenue, a different resident told police that they found a ladder leaning against their home.

Police said that witnesses described the man to be wearing dark clothing and possibly wearing a black shirt.

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Takoma Park Police were also looking into a report of a man in a car who approached a female person near Flower Avenue and Erie Avenue on Monday around 1:50 p.m. That man, who police described as being a different race from the man spotted Friday, was said to be driving a black Ford Mustang with tinted windows.

Officials said that there were reports of “homemade flyers” about these incidents that “refer to possible human trafficking being involved in the incidents.”

“At this point in our investigation into the incidents, there is no indication that any of the incidents are related to human trafficking,” the Takoma Park Police Department said in a statement.

If anyone has any information about any of these occurrences, they are encouraged to contact the Takoma Park Police Department.

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