Tale of the Tape: Celtics take on Warriors in the NBA Finals

On the latest podcast of Posted Up with Chris Haynes, Vincent Goodwill and Chris break down the matchups heading into the heavyweight battle between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Who will come out on top?

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: Finals, we have the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. We got a high-pace, ball-movement-oriented offense. Then you have Boston, who has one of the best defenses in the league this season. And I talked the Ime Udoka about going into Golden State, going in as the underdogs, and he said, one thing I can tell you, Chris, is that our defense travels. I think we'll be good.

And one thing he said, like-- he said he talked about the two games they played. They won one. Golden State won one. But he said, we blasted them. So they got confidence that they really can do this. Now, most people would say the regular season doesn't mean anything, throw it out the window. Teams improve, get better, you know, since the regular season. But they got confidence. How do you see this match-up going, with different styles of basketball from each team?

- I wonder if the 3-point-chucking team is going to be the Celtics, with Tatum and Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart and Horford. You know what I mean? They take a lot of 3's. When you look at-- Yes, Steph takes a lot of 3's, but he hasn't been a huge volume-- so he hasn't been a huge volume-- there's been games where he hadn't gotten them up as much.

Jordan Poole goes to the rim a lot. Like, he's really slithery. And how you can get to the bucket now, it's Time Lord in there, and it's Al Horford in there. So you may want to wind up taking a lot more, you know, perimeter jump shots. But Boston's bigger than Golden State. They're bigger at most positions, right? They're big on the inside.

When Draymond doesn't have to just guard Maxi Kleber-- and I'm very curious how Draymond is going to be utilized in this series against those two big men. You know, Kevon Looney, he showed up to be a man in those close-out games. 22 rebounds against Memphis. I think 18, you know, against Dallas. Again, but you're playing against a bigger team. Chris, this is going to be a physical series, and I look forward to that.

Like, you just saw a slugfest out East. I got no problems with slugfest. I'm a child of the bad boys. If you can't take-- you can't take a little physical bumping, this ain't the game for you. You know what I mean? But-- but the match-up I'm looking forward to seeing, Chris, is Andrew Wiggins against Jayson Tatum. Because Andrew Wiggins was into Luka Doncic's chest. He was on him relentlessly. And now you get Jayson Tatum, who likes to take those step-backs, you know, who's not as physical but maybe got a little more wiggle in his game. And I wonder if that match-up is going to determine the series.

CHRIS HAYNES: One thing that I've noticed with Boston is that they can have some bad shooting games. Because Tatum, for me, I can't speak for any other voter when I coming and voting for that MVP, him and Jaylen were kind of right there. I gave the edge to Tatum because, you know, he is more versatile, gets his guys involved, and his scoring average, like, dipped up a little bit more in that last game, the closing game.

But with that being said, I think Boston has-- they can struggle scoring and still be in games. But the thing is, would a defense really be able to travel with this team, playing against Golden State? Marcus Smart, his primary target, I would think, would be Steph.


CHRIS HAYNES: And will he have a better outcome with him? Like, he couldn't guard Jimmy. Jimmy is just too tall and big, getting his shot on. Like, he couldn't touch Jimmy. Will he have more of an effect on Stephen Curry? And so--

VINCE GOODWILL: That's where the officials come in. How the game is going to be officiated is going to mean a lot, especially for someone like Marcus Smart. He's battling, what, an ankle right now, right?

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah, ankle-- ankle injury.

VINCE GOODWILL: So that means lateral movement is going to be out of premium. That means Steph is going to be running him around screens on the baseline. You know what I mean? And having him negotiating. It ain't like Steph is out here running one full pick and roll. Like, that's not the way Golden State plays. Steph does a lot more stuff, you know, off the ball.

So I'm curious if the holding, the clutching, and the grabbing will be allowed. You know what I mean? And I think there's an acceptable amount in the playoff basketball because you don't want to parade of whistles, but at the same time, you don't want the flow of the game to be disrupted. And remember, Steph got hurt playing against Marcus Smart being-- you know, people said Marcus Smart was reckless and everything else.

I'm curious to see-- think about it. Time Lord, he didn't play that much in game 7. He didn't look that great, Robin Williams. You know, how much healthier is he-- is he going to be? Those are questions I have. And, yes, the battle of attrition. I know people complain about the injuries, but this is big-boy basketball. Like, if you're playing from October to June, some guys are going to get hurt, and I'm OK with that. You know what I mean? And you just hope that the-- hope that the main characters are healthy.