Are the Taliban preparing for peace or war?

The BBC reports from Taliban controlled territory in Balkh district, in northern Afghanistan.

Video Transcript

SECUNDER KERMANI: We're just around half an hour's drive outside the main city, and already we're in Taliban territory.

At the moment, are you preparing for peace? Or are you preparing for more war?


SECUNDER KERMANI: For the past year, you've not been fighting against the Americans. You've been fighting against other Afghans, other Muslims.


SECUNDER KERMANI: The Taliban don't see themselves as just a rebel group, but as a government in waiting. They have officials helping oversee everyday services in areas they control. Right now, we're at a school.

Lots of people I speak to, they fear the Taliban coming into power. Because they think they'll see a repeat of what happened in the 1990s. Do you think that you did things wrong back then? And would things be different now?


SECUNDER KERMANI: The Taliban say they're fighting to establish an Islamic government. What exactly they mean by that, they've always been rather vague about. So it's only by coming here to territory that they control that you get a sense of their vision for the future of this country.