The Talk - Amanda Kloots on 'hard mental battle' Transitioning Out of Pandemic

"The Talk" host Amanda Kloots discusses her mental health battle as we begin to transition out of the pandemic. "I think for the first time because the pandemic and you know, being quarantined, it kind of really forced people to kind of face some mental health issues, or it brough it upon them. I know for me personally, like with everything that I went through, it might sound weird guys, but I kind of felt comforted that I was going through a hard time. But I also knew that the world was going through a hard time," She adds, "Part of my hard time that I'm having now in this transition, coming out of the pandemic, is that I still feel like I'm in a hard time, but the world is now moving forward and moving on. And yet I feel stuck in that past, in that mental state. And it's been a really hard battle for me as I drive around and see Los Angeles opening up more. And I think that's going to be my hard mental health battle...when you feel alone it's harder to be honest about what you're going through."

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