TALK Greenville: Deanna Rogers designs with cozy comfort for the entire family in mind

While many parents might discourage their children from hanging around mom and dad’s bedroom, Deanna and Kyle Rogers take quite the opposite approach in their recently completed home. In fact, Deanna designed every detail around cozy comfort for the entire family.

There are 14-foot ceilings and equally tall windows that bring in heaps of natural light, serene neutral colors, patio access for outdoor coffee mornings, and plush sleeping bags neatly packed within a child’s reach for slumber parties in mom and dad’s room — Deanna’s thought of everything.

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Other special touches include a fireplace for chilly nights, lighting and candles specifically designed for relaxation after a long day. Views from those large windows are of mature trees that allow for privacy, and the en-suite bath is reminiscent of a European spa.

Deanna Rogers' master bedroom
Deanna Rogers' master bedroom


1. Keep the bones neutral so there’s room to play with decor.

2. Have fun mixing metals and different patterns. It adds interest to have different finishes and patterns, as long as they are somehow repeated elsewhere in the room or home.

3. Layering on bedding helps keep the bed looking warm and comfortable.

4. Curtains could be in every single room, but most definitely a bedroom. They help lift the room up and help shade the room. Ultimately, they elevate the look.

5. Light it up! Don’t forget light fixtures -- they are the jewelry of any room. Make a bold statement or go simple and sophisticated.

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