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Tamar Braxton Says She's Helping Others 'Heal Out Loud' by Sharing Mental Health Journey (Exclusive)

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Tamar Braxton stopped by ET to chat about her podcast, 'Under Construction,' available on Stitcher and all podcast platforms.

Video Transcript


KEVIN FRAZIER: Can we have a magical conversation right now because I want to talk to you.

TAMAR BRAXTON: Yes, let's.

KEVIN FRAZIER: Let's have a proper conversation.


KEVIN FRAZIER: How are you doing? Because I'm looking at you. And I see a glow in your eyes. I see like it's back.

TAMAR BRAXTON: Oh, well, listen, Kevin, I really worked hard at my glow in my eyes. I am definitely someone who knows what rock bottom looks like, what it feels like, and not being able to pull myself out. So the only thing that can get you out is your mind. You have to think positive and be positive. And that's just what I did.

KEVIN FRAZIER: By the way, if you all haven't checked out "Under Construction," Tamar's podcast, it's fabulous. You can check it out.

TAMAR BRAXTON: Yeah, well, I wanted to normalize mental health. And I also wanted to create a platform to heal out loud. I just feel like my ministry now is to give my struggles, my journey and not be ashamed of it so the next person will feel the same way.

KEVIN FRAZIER: Tell me about your upcoming virtual retreat.

TAMAR BRAXTON: Kevin, I'm so excited about this.


TAMAR BRAXTON: Yes! It's called Lucky 21. And it's just about receiving and entering in your lucky season. Because, you know, after such a dark time in my life, I feel like I'm living my best life. I actually feel like I'm in my 20s. I feel great.



KEVIN FRAZIER: Tamar, does that mean love could be on the horizon?

TAMAR BRAXTON: Love could be on the horizons. I'm open, you know? But I'm not--


TAMAR BRAXTON: I'm not dating right now. I am actually dating myself. And to make sure I'm the best mother that I can possibly be, I have to make sure that mentally I check in with him too. So we go to counseling together.

KEVIN FRAZIER: Oh, do you?

TAMAR BRAXTON: Absolutely. Because, you know, my whole thing is to make sure his happiness is first.

KEVIN FRAZIER: How is [? Toni ?] doing with her love life?

TAMAR BRAXTON: Listen, listen, I can't talk about Toni Braxton's love life. You know, I have changed. I am shade free now. I went to Shade Anonymous.

KEVIN FRAZIER: Oh, you went to Shade Anonymous and let it go?

TAMAR BRAXTON: Yes, I did. But, you know, listen, Toni is my oldest sister. She's an amazing woman. And, you know, I don't know what I did in my life to be so lucky to have such an amazing family, amazing family full of beautiful, amazing African-American women.

KEVIN FRAZIER: Can I play something for you?


KEVIN FRAZIER: This will take you back to 1993.


TONI BRAXTON: This is my 16-year-old sister Tamar.


- (SINGING) I'm on the top.

- (SINGING) --top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find.

TAMAR BRAXTON: Oh my god, I remember my sister Toni making us sing corny songs all the time. I mean, The Carpenters are definitely not corny. But at that time when you're 16, you want to pop, lock, and drop it. And I definitely wasn't doing that. I cannot believe you just played that on national TV.