Tampa Bay a top spot for romance with 42% single population

TAMPA (BLOOM) – As Valentine’s Day approaches, Cupid’s gaze turns towards Tampa, Florida. Here Cupid doesn’t just fly – he salsa dances through the streets, armed with a quiver full of arrows and a knack for setting up love stories that even romantic comedies can’t rival. It’s no secret that Tampa is a hotspot for singles, but did you know it’s also a top pick for Cupid himself? According to a study by The Matchmaking Company, Tampa is where the love god does some of his best work. Let’s dive into why Tampa is the perfect setting for those “swipe right” moments to turn into “I do’s.”

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Via The Matchmaking Company
Via The Matchmaking Company

Why Tampa is Cupid’s Ultimate Playground

  1. A Melting Pot of Singles: In Tampa, the percentage of singles outshines many other cities. With a diverse population eagerly looking for connection, Tampa is a fertile ground for romance. The city’s inclusive spirit means there’s someone for every preference, making it a matchmaking paradise.

  2. Walkable Wonders: Tampa’s layout is a boon for spontaneous meetings. Stroll down the Riverwalk or through the historic streets of Ybor City and let fate (and Cupid) do the rest.

  3. Dining and Nightlife: The city’s culinary scene is a romantic’s dream. With its mix of upscale waterfront dining, eclectic eateries, and vibrant nightlife, Tampa offers countless opportunities for memorable dates.

  4. Digital Love: As a hub for digital innovation, Tampa supports modern love through online dating and matchmaking platforms, complementing Cupid’s traditional methods.

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Tampa’s Single Scene

  • High Percentage of Singles: Tampa’s single population is one of its most striking features. This high percentage means that finding a potential match is not just likely, it’s almost guaranteed.

  • Diverse Dating Pool: Tampa’s cultural diversity reflects in its dating scene, offering a rich array of choices for those seeking companionship.

  • Active Social Life: The city’s social scene is buzzing with activities perfect for singles. From art galleries to music festivals, there are numerous venues to meet like-minded individuals.

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  • Matchmaking Locations: The presence of numerous matchmaking services and events in Tampa indicates a thriving market for love and connection.

  • City Walkability: Tampa’s design encourages residents to explore on foot, increasing chances for those serendipitous encounters that can lead to romance.

Love Across the U.S.: Other Cupid-Favored Cities

While Tampa is a hotspot for romance, other cities also catch Cupid’s eye. Each, from Poughkeepsie’s romantic vistas to Philadelphia’s historic allure, presents unique opportunities for love. Here are the top 10 U.S. cities where Cupid reigns supreme, as revealed in The Matchmaking Company’s study. Each city holds its own unique charm in the quest for love.

1. El Paso, TX: The Love-Struck Cowboy’s Dream

El Paso isn’t just about cowboy boots and desert sunsets. It’s a city where romance is as rich as its cultural heritage. Imagine serenading your date under a starlit Texas sky, proving that love in El Paso is as grand as the Lone Star State itself.

2. Austin, TX: Where Love is Always in Tune

In Austin, love is in the air and music is the heart’s language. Known for its live music and quirky food trucks, Austin is perfect for those who like their romance with a side of tunes and tacos.

3. Tampa, FL: The Sunset Boulevard of Romance

Ah, Tampa! A city where every sunset promises a new love story. With its vibrant nightlife and a plethora of singles, Tampa is the place where Cupid might just take up salsa dancing.

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4. Little Rock, AR: The Rock of Love

Little Rock, where the outdoors calls and love responds. It’s a city where you can take a romantic walk along the Arkansas River, proving that sometimes the best way to win a heart is simply by enjoying nature’s beauty together.

5. Greensboro, NC: Sporty Love

Calling all sports fans! In Greensboro, love is often found while cheering at a game or strolling through the historic districts. It’s a city where shared passions create the perfect match.

6. Milwaukee, WI: The Brew City Love Connection

Milwaukee, where beer and love flow equally. This city’s rich brewing history and cultural festivals make it a haven for those looking to pair their love story with a craft beer.

7. Minneapolis, MN: The Chilly City Warm Hearts

In Minneapolis, they say the cold brings people closer. Whether it’s cuddling up at a cozy café or holding hands at the ice rink, love thrives in this snowy city.

8. Poughkeepsie, NY: The Picturesque Love Stage

Poughkeepsie offers romantic vistas along the Hudson River, making it a picturesque backdrop for any love story. It’s a city where every photo captures a moment of romance.

9. Scranton, PA: The Office Romance Capital

Scranton, a city made famous by ‘The Office’, offers more than just paper and pranks. With its charming downtown and sweet candy stores, it’s a place where office romances turn into real-life love stories.

10. Dayton, OH: The City Where Love Takes Flight

As the birthplace of aviation, Dayton inspires love to soar new heights. Whether it’s exploring aviation museums or enjoying the scenic parks, Dayton proves that love is always an adventure.

Each of these cities, with their unique flair and charm, offers a special setting for Cupid to work his magic. So, whether you’re looking for a love story set against a backdrop of music, nature, or history, Cupid’s top picks are sure to have something for everyone. Love, after all, is about finding that perfect place where your heart feels at home.

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This insightful study by The Matchmaking Company blends social dynamics, cultural diversity, and digital trends to pinpoint the best cities for Cupid to work his magic.




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The Matchmaking Company

Tampa’s high percentage of singles, coupled with its walkable streets and dynamic social life, makes it a haven for those seeking love. This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re dining by the bay, exploring Ybor City, or swiping right on a dating app, remember: in Tampa, love is always just around the corner.

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