Tana Mongeau responded to leaked footage of her chaotic day at an LA gay bar that included strippers and a medical emergency

Tana Mongeau is seen on March 26, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.
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  • Tana Mongeau denied claims that was kicked out of a gay bar this weekend.

  • Videos appeared to show her in a dispute with staffers at The Abbey in West Hollywood.

  • Other patrons told Insider that Mongeau filmed a person having a medical emergency.

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Influencer Tana Mongeau lashed out on Twitter after videos leaked showing her in intense conversation with staff at The Abbey, a famous gay bar in West Hollywood. In the video, someone can be heard claiming that Mongeau was being kicked out of the bar, but in a Twitter response, Mongeau said she wasn't kicked out.

Mongeau, an influencer and YouTuber with 5.5 million subscribers who is well-known for her hard-partying lifestyle, angrily replied to critics who questioned why she had to leave the gay bar over the weekend.

"We left because everyone had to due to an emergency inside," Mongeau responded to a post with the video from Def Noodles. "You can't just slander people."

The person who took the video of Mongeau as well as another guest at their table told Insider that they watched Mongeau and her group of friends be escorted out of The Abbey after multiple conflicts between her party and the restaurant workers and guests.

"They were acting wild and belligerent and making everyone around us uncomfortable," Brian Kaos, the LA resident who took the video, told Insider in a direct message. He and the other patron said Mongeau and members of her party weren't wearing masks while table-hopping.

Mongeau filmed a person having a medical emergency

The drama between Mongeau and other guests at The Abbey escalated from there, according to the other patrons. The West Hollywood Fire Department confirmed to Insider that an ambulance was dispatched to the restaurant at around 6:30 PM on Saturday to respond to an injury. Responders took one person to a hospital, the department said.

This moment was caught on Mongeau's own camera and posted to her Instagram story. "You can't make this up, there is a stripper stripping and there is full parademics right there. I love LA," Mongeau said in her story.

Mongeau's friend Lilah Gibney then posted the moment on her own Instagram story and wrote "We legit got escorted out of the abbey after this." Mongeau responded to Gibney's story on Twitter and wrote "She makes crazy jokes."

"When medics arrived Tana and her friends were blocking the entry way," Kaos said in a direct message. "Me and my friends start yelling at her to delete the videos and for them to stop being disrespectful. She kept yelling back 'F--- off!! F--- off!' Then security asked her and her friends to stop filming."

Mongeau didn't respond to Insider's request for comment.

A representative for The Abbey declined to comment for the story, while an individual who works at the restaurant told Insider that Mongeau was "very sweet" and called back the next day to make sure she had left a tip. The same individual said Mongeau was not asked to leave for filming the medical emergency, but did not offer another reason as to why she and her friends were filmed talking to staff while exiting the bar.

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