Tana Mongeau accused of 'scamming' shoppers with new lingerie line: 'How does she still have fans?'

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Controversial influencer Tana Mongeau has been accused of “scamming” her fans with her new lingerie line.

TikTok user @shutupdumbbith shared a video of the YouTuber’s advertisement and pointed out that what appears to be the same product from her “Tana Uncensored” lingerie line is available for a much lower price elsewhere on the internet.

“Tana scamming her fans? Not again,” the TikTok user said. “This is $12 on Shein, go buy it there. Don’t pay her $30 to re-sell it to you.”

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One commenter pointed out that the same “Floral Lace Harness Garter Lingerie Set” is also available for $5 on AliExpress. Others claimed to have found it on Amazon and Fashion Nova, as well.

“How does she still have fans/supporters?” one user said.

“I can’t believe people still buy her stuff,” another wrote.

Fans pointed out that two things could have happened here.

It’s possible Mongeau and Shein have the same product supplier, and Mongeau simply decided to charge more for her set since she’s putting her name on it as a celebrity.

Sites like Shein are notorious for selling popular — and outlandish — styles for extremely low rates. It’s easier for them to turn a profit as they have more items available.

“This is literally what everyone does,” one fan wrote. “All these boutiques buy everything for cheap and sell for more.”

“Reselling isn’t a scam,” another said.

On the other hand, it’s also possible that Shein and other sites copied Mongeau’s lingerie line.

“Shein always has knockoffs though, so they probs stole the design from the production company Tana got it from,” one user claimed.

“Isn’t every clothing item available on Shein or AliExpress,” another wrote.

Regardless of whether you see it as a scam or not, the controversy is stirring conversation about the ethics of clothing manufacturers who can afford to charge so little for clothing.

Mongeau has yet to respond to the allegations.

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