Tanker Overturns, Spilling Fuel On Ramp To I-79 In Coraopolis

Crews are working to clean up a spill after a tanker carrying fuel overturned while trying to get onto I-79; KDKA's Bryant Reed reports.

Video Transcript

- Thanks. Right now we're following some breaking news in Coraopolis. That is where a tanker carrying fuel overturned. Bryant Reed is live at the scene near route 51. Bryant?

BRYANT REED: Yeah, Stacey, I'm standing on exit 64, right off I-79. Now this is headed towards McKees Rocks, but right across the roadway here is where the tanker flipped over. And you can see it on its side. You can see there are several crews working to clean up some of the damage right now. I'm told it was exiting off of route 51, trying to make its way onto I-79, and that's when the truck flipped over, spilling fuel along the ramp.

Now traffic was stopped, but has since been moving at a steady flow. So far there have been no word on any injuries. Now this happened in the early afternoon hours, and I'm told the cleanup process should continue well into this evening. But stick with us, on air and online for any updates. Reporting live, I'm Bryant Reed, KDKA News.