Tanks important for Ukraine to match enemy -NATO military chief

STORY: "I think in terms of matching what the enemy has it is important for the Ukrainians," Bauer told reporters after a two-day meeting in Brussels.

Fearing winter will give Russia time to regroup and launch a major attack, Ukraine is pushing for Leopard battle tanks from Germany, which are held by an array of NATO nations, but whose transfer to Ukraine requires Germany's approval.

Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Christopher Cavoli, said that Western technology was outperforming Russian technology in the war but cautioned that tanks alone were not the solution.

"It's not just tank on tank, it's the whole system, it's the supplies, it's the logistics system, it's the maintenance system, it's the target-finding capability and all of that comes together. So the complex of an army is much more important than any one of its individual parts," he said.