Taoiseach praises President Biden’s steps to bring US ‘back to centre stage’

President Joe Biden’s “steps to bring the US back to centre stage on global health, on climate and on human rights” have been praised by the Taoiseach.

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: --for the country and a great affection for the tradition. And we have an-- Ireland and the United States have a robust agenda that we've got to deal with on a substantive side of these issues, Taoiseach, from combating COVID to strengthening global health security to also discussing our economic cooperation and Ireland's leadership now in the UN Security Council, which we're working together. Our UN ambassador is online with us here. And I just welcome the leadership and your partnership.

And you know my view, and the view of my predecessor of the Obama-Biden administration on the Good Friday Agreements. We strongly support them, think it's critically important to be maintained.

MICHEAL MARTIN: Mr. President, the world has rightly taken great heart from the steps you have already taken to bring the US back to center stage on global health and climate and on human rights. We want to work with you to promote our shared values and interests in the world, including at the United Nations Security Council, on which we are, as you said, currently serving. We want to work with you on climate action, which becomes ever more urgent as we approach COP26 later this year.

Today, I especially want to thank you for your unwavering support for the Good Friday Agreement. It has meant a lot.