Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir Have The Cutest Olympics Pre-Show Ritual

Tara LipinskiandJohnny Weirdeserve top marks for their pre-show ritual at theWinter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Before each live broadcast on NBC, the Olympic figure skaters-turned-commentators bust out an amusing handshake ― which ends with what appears to be a slam-dunk.

Check it out here:

Weir described their pre-commentary ritual as a “goody”in an interview with The Washington Post, which shared footage of the move online Tuesday.

“From touring, you have these little handshakes and things that you do with your co-stars in the shows, whether it’s a handshake, or a booty bump, or whatever it may be. Terry, Tara and I all have one that we do, the three of us, and we can’t do a show without doing it.”

Johnny Weir

Sportscaster Terry Gannon features in the ritual, but the limelight belongs to his two co-presenters.

Will it become an iconic Olympic pose? Here’s hoping ...

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