Tara Savannah Payne's Body Found In Water In Baltimore's Canton Neighborhood Thursday Afternoon, Officials Say

A tragic update on a missing person case in Baltimore Thursday afternoon as the remains of missing 26-year-old Tara Savannah Payne were found in the water near Canton.

Video Transcript

- Well, we have a heartbreaking update in the search for a woman missing in Southeast Baltimore. Police say they have found the remains of Savannah Payne. Rachel Cardin is live along the water where her body was found. And Rachel, apparently, crews are still there at this hour?

RACHAEL CARDIN: Denise, crews actually just wrapped up. Family and friends, loved ones of Savannah Payne, were out here as crews searched the water for days now. Of course, they're very upset with this update. But they say, for them, this investigation isn't over.

For Jim Payne, the beach will never be the same.

JIM PAYNE: It will be much better, because I know she's at peace and she's at the beach.

RACHAEL CARDIN: The body of his 26-year-old daughter, Savannah, was pulled from the waters of Canton Thursday after police searched for hours, trying to bring closure to this family. Payne went missing early Tuesday morning after celebrating her birthday near Canton Square. Longtime friend Colin Koogle says he still trying to figure out what happened to her that night.

COLIN KOOGLE: She was going out for her birthday and she was going out to have fun, and it's-- I don't know what the hell happened, and that right there is not where she should have been.

RACHAEL CARDIN: As Savannah's remains are taken to the medical examiner's office, her family tells me they need more answers.

JIM PAYNE: As far as the investigation, I don't feel that it's wrapped up. We're glad that Savannah was brought home to us. We're thankful for the community, for the outpouring of people from Canton and the city.

RACHAEL CARDIN: Rachel Burns says no one is surprised at the amount of love and support coming from the community, because Savannah deserves it.

RACHEL BURNS: Any time I needed her, I could call her. I could-- she was there, no matter what.

JIM PAYNE: Everyone's heartbroken.

RACHAEL CARDIN: And again, everyone just saying that Savannah Payne was such a great girl, a lot of friends. She bartended down in Annapolis. She worked at a bar as well in Ocean City. She went to a high school in Carroll County. Of course, we're continuing to stay in contact with Baltimore City Police and the Payne family. Any other information we'll bring to you on air and at wjz.com. We're live in Canton. I'm Rachel Cardin for WJZ.