Target’s $5 Neon Lights Give Your Home an Instant Halloween Aesthetic

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Instagram @_dani_k85; @stiegsferretart

From House Beautiful

Halloween products are rolling out at Target, and you’re bound to see something you never have before. Something that has been catching shoppers’ eyes are the neon lights in spooky shapes.

Don’t skip out on the Dollar Spot section at Target during your next visit, because that’s where you’ll find the pumpkin, bat, witch’s hat, ghost, and candy neon lights. They’re battery-powered and only $5 each. So you can snag a bunch and give your bedroom or living room an eerie glow to accompany your Halloween movie bingeing.

Sadly, the neon lights aren’t available on Target’s website, so you’ll just have to head there yourself. But don’t buy anything without signing up for the store’s new loyalty program! You’ll feel better about stocking up on all its fall must-haves.

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