Target is selling a giant unicorn float that will hold up to 6 people

Ever wanted to lay out on the water at the beach in a giant unicorn float with five of your friends? Sure you have! And this summer, it's happening. 

Target recently launched their Sun Squad summer collection with products ranging from beach towels and folding chairs, to coolers and dinnerware, to dog toys and pool floats. With that, they also released a new Giant Unicorn Lake Float

The lake float is shaped like a giant unicorn with rainbow wings and fits up to six people, or more likely three to four adults (up to a total 500 pounds). The best part is that once you're on it and floating out into the blue waters working on your Vitamin D levels, you don't have to leave to refill your drink. There's an onboard cooler and six cup holders for optimal chilling.

The Giant Unicorn Lake Float will run you $249 and is available online. With it you'll get the memories of a lifetime and the title of most popular person at the beach. 

Shop the float, Target's new fanny pack coolers and more of Target's Sun Squad products in the slideshow below: