Tarrant County employees in line for 2 raises by January. Here are the increases

All employees in Tarrant County will get raises under the proposed 2023 budget.

Employees will receive a 4% raise on Oct. 1 and an average 3% merit raise in January. Helen Giese, the county’s director of budget and risk management, hopes the pay increases help retain workers and entice more people to work for the county.

Like many employers, Tarrant County has struggled to retain employees since the pandemic began. From March 2020 to mid-June 2022, the county lost 1,625 employees to resignations, terminations and retirements. Nationwide, a record 47.4 million people quit their jobs in 2021.

In July, county commissioners used money from the American Rescue Plan to give $4,900 payments to full-time employees. These retention payments did not apply to elected officials, but under the new budget, they too will see raises since the salaries of the county’s top elected officials are tied to their employees.

Commissioners’ pay increases to $195,500, up from $188,000. The county judge will be paid $205,920. Sheriff Bill Waybourn’s salary increases to $206,400. The district attorney will make $107,120.

The county’s proposed budget of $916 million is $119 million more that last year’s.