Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election

Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley announced Tuesday that he will not seek a fifth term in the upcoming 2022 election.

Video Transcript

- A changing of the guard in Tarrant County. Judge Glen Whitley announced today that he will not seek another term in office. It will be the first leadership change at the county in 16 years. Jason Allen points out it follows turnover at two of the biggest cities in Tarrant County.

JASON ALLEN: Even with more than two million residents, Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley recognized Tuesday county government can often operate under the radar.

GLEN WHITLEY: All the way up until a year and a half ago.

JASON ALLEN: It wasn't the pandemic, he said, but just the right time for a change that led to an emotional announcement-- he will not run next year to keep his seat as county judge.

GLEN WHITLEY: And we will continue to serve Tarrant County for all of the remainder of my term and the next chapter of my life.

JASON ALLEN: Whitley's announcement follows the election of Mattie Parker in Fort Worth, the city's first new mayor in a decade. Five of the eight City Council members there are also new.

And in Arlington, new mayor Jim Ross will be leading that city.

GLEN WHITLEY: There's a change, and it's time. It's time for us today. We're seeing a lot of change in the county, and I think that that's why we need an experienced person coming in and hopefully following me as county judge.

JASON ALLEN: One possibility for that experienced person could be outgoing Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, who several sources have said could consider a run in the primary election next spring.

GLEN WHITLEY: Well, I'm going to let her make her announcements, but I think she'd make a great county judge. She's got county experience. She has the city experience. She's very fiscally conservative. She knows how the county works, and she'd be the first woman county judge in Tarrant County's history.

JASON ALLEN: Whitley was emotional talking about the friendships he would miss after serving on the county commission since 1997. He would not rule out a run for another position, just not this one.

In Tarrant County, Jason Allen, CBS11 News.