Tarrant Regional Water District to vote on $300K payout to former general manager

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The Tarrant Regional Water District will meet Wednesday to discuss paying former general manager Jim Oliver $300,000 in post-retirement compensation.

The meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. at 800 East Northside Drive. The board will meet in executive session to discuss the payment closing the debate from public view.

Doreen Geiger, a member of a newly formed coalition seeking accountability from the board, said protesters plan to attend.

Former board president Jack Stevens directed staff in March to award the outgoing general manager 2,000 hours of extra paid time off. This was roughly equivalent to a year of Oliver’s salary. Stevens lost his seat in the May election.

The newly elected board revoked that payment in June over concerns the payment may have been unlawful. Shortly after Jason Smith, a lawyer representing Oliver, challenged the board saying the arrangement was completely legal.

The parties have been in discussion ever since.

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