TASA set to host second 299 All-Star game

May 9—THOMASVILLE — The Thomas Area Soccer Association is getting set for its second ever 229 All-Star game. The game will feature players from all over the region including Thomasville High School, Thomas County Central, Bainbridge, Cairo, Brookwood and more. TASA has also added Lee County to its ranks this year. The game will bring boys and girl soccer players and coaches from all over to feature the best athletes that TASA has to offer.

"It's a great opportunity," said Central Head Coach Tony Voyles, who will also coach in the 299 All-Star game. "These kids get to play with different kids and kids that are at good levels of play. We are also lucky enough that both years we've had the opportunity for the Thomas University coaching staff to come and run a practice so that the high school coaches can see that and learn from that as well. It's just been wonderful."

The players were selected by their coaches, with four players from each program being named to the All-Star team. Often times these players are upperclassmen due to the recruitment opportunity that the event brings.

"I think typically we lean toward using the older players to give them the opportunity, because they invite college coaches to see this so it can be an opportunity to recruit as well as showing off what they've accomplished in their high school career," Voyles said.

The games will take place on Thursday, May 11 at the Thomas County Middle School soccer field. The girls game will begin at 6:00 and the boys will start at 8:00.