Tasha K Apologizes To Cardi B After Losing Defamation Lawsuit Appeal

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Tasha K has issued an apology to Cardi B after her appeal of the $4 million defamation lawsuit filed against her by Cardi B was denied. On Tuesday (March 21), a judge shot down the blogger and YouTube personality’s attempt to overturn the judgement granted to the rap star in January 2021, which she initially filed in 2019.

“Damn Winos!” she addressed her followers while breaking the news. “We lost the appeal against Cardi B, sad day.”

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The 41-year-old voiced her resolve in light of the defeat, thanking her fans for their loyalty before extending an olive branch to the Grammy Award winner. “But I’m gonna be alright. I appreciate all your love [and] support. Throughout this fight. Today we throw in the white flag. What happened will never happen again. To Cardi [and] her team, I apologize sincere. We live and learn.”

In the caption, Tasha K wrote “Talk about a check my mouth can’t cash!” before hopping on Twitter to warn supporters of unauthorized fundraisers in her name. “Please Do NOT Donate to Any GoFundMe’s in my name at all! If you get scammed, it ain’t on me! Just FYI,” she tweeted. The rabble-rouser then added levity to the situation by photoshopping herself in a McDonald’s uniform in another post.

“#TashaKGetsAJOB,” she wrote in the caption. “I will let y’all what Part-Time gig I get so I can pay off this damn debt. #iaintgotit but I’m gonna get it. @McDonalds @wendys @burgerking any positions available..i will do anything.”

Cardi B first took legal action against Tasha K, born Latasha Kebe, after the polarizing commentator claimed that the Bronx native had a sexually transmitted disease on social media, among other accusations. The rapper, who testified in front of a jury in federal court during the trial, says she felt “extremely suicidal” as a result of Kebe’s defamatory statements and spoke of how it affected her mental health. In January 2022, Kebe was found liable of Defamation and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Harm and ordered to pay Cardi nearly $3 million, at the time.

The online talk show host blasted the ruling and refused to take down the posts defaming Cardi B until being threatened with further legal action. She then filed an appeal seeking a new trial in September 2022. However, in October 2022, a judge ordered Kebe to pay the mother of two $4 million immediately or to secure funding amid her appellate process.

While Cardi B hasn’t issued a direct statement regarding the latest development in the legal battle, she appeared to react to the verdict via a post on social media shortly after it was announced. “How I’m feeling” she wrote in the post, which included a photo of a dog wearing a turtleneck sweater and a chain around its collar.

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