Tate's Is Selling Limited-Edition Lemon And Strawberry Cookies Just In Time For Spring

Korin Miller
Photo credit: frontpagefoodfinds - Instagram

From Delish

Spring is officially here, and it’s time to celebrate with seasonal foods. Apparently Tate’s Bake Shop is here to party, because they just released new limited edition flavors that are all about spring.

The new flavors—Strawberry & Oats Cookies and Lemon Cookies—were reviewed by Instagram account @FrontPageFoodFinds who had some pretty amazing things to say about each one.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect with these flavors: @FrontPageFoodFinds wrote that they “really enjoyed both flavors” but the lemon was the real stand-out. “In usual Tate’s style, the texture of the cookie is thin and crisp,” they wrote. “The Lemon flavor is so vibrant, refreshing, and pleasant. I could also taste the delicious signature Tate’s butter cookie taste.”

As for the strawberry treats? They got high marks, too. “There was a lot going on texture-wise,” @FrontPageFoodFinds wrote: “The cookie is thin and crisp. Then there are oats and chewy strawberry pieces mixed in. I liked the bursts of flavor the strawberry pieces provided. It was a pop of flavor that paired well with the oats and cookie flavor.”

@FrontPageFoodFinds says they found these cookies at Acme, but Tate’s is one-upping everyone by selling a six-pack with three bags of each type for $35 on its website. Solid member of Team Lemon or Team Strawberry & Oats? Tate's has got you covered. The company also has a six-pack of just lemon cookies and another for just the strawberry flavor—and they're all $35.

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