How tattoos are covered for film and TV

Covering tattoos for film and TV requires more than just regular foundation. Insider visited Cinema Makeup School to see how makeup artists Kanokporn Khemasingkhi and Rossukhon Khemasingkhi cover up tattoos on set. The main step is to color correct the dark ink with a reddish cream pigment. Once everything is sealed and set, they go over the red with the Jordane Total Tattoo Coverage Palette. Unlike regular foundation, this formula sets very quickly and is transfer-resistant. To get a more realistic skin-like finish, they lightly airbrush and speckle some beige, brown, and red dots onto the skin. The makeup can last eight hours and can be fully removed using isopropyl myristate. For more, visit Special thanks to makeup artists Kanokporn Khemasingkhi and Rossukhon Khemasingkhi and tattoo artist Yvonne Kang for participating in this video.

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