Taunton Woman On Mission To Spread Kindness, Honor Hero Husband

Rosemary Heath has been on a mission lately, trying to spread kindness wherever and to whomever she can. WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports.

Video Transcript

- Spreading kindness in the wake of tragedy. The widow of a man killed during the rampage at the Taunton Mall is honoring her hero husband one card at a time. Here's WBZ's Bill Shields.

BILL SHIELDS: Rosemary Heath has been on a mission lately. She's spreading kindness wherever and to whomever she can.

ROSEMARY HEATH: Hope kindness wins. Most of the time, kindness wins. So this is the perfect thing to do in George's name.

BILL SHIELDS: She's doing it with these little cards, with a Batman logo. Her late husband loved Batman.

ROSEMARY HEATH: He always thought Batman was the perfect superhero, because he didn't have superhero powers.

BILL SHIELDS: Five years ago, George Heath became a hero, stopping a man with a knife on a rampage in a Taunton restaurant. But George Heath died doing it. Fast forward to today, Rosemary will pick a random Dunkin, buy a stranger a coffee, and give them this card, #putothersfirst.

ROSEMARY HEATH: It's a win-win situation, because the person giving it feels good, and the person getting it feels good. And then hopefully, if the person getting the card doesn't know who George is, they'll look him up, and then they'll pay it forward with the card to somebody else.

BILL SHIELDS: She took her kindness campaign to social media, and then went worldwide. Now she mails out dozens of cards a day to people who want to pay it forward.

ROSEMARY HEATH: Kindness. And I reach in my purse and I find a kindness card, and I go and do a random act of kindness. And it always changes my mood.

BILL SHIELDS: Buying a stranger a cup of coffee is a pretty simple act of kindness, but Rosemary Heath has turned it into a calling. In Taunton, I'm Bill Shields, WBZ News.