Taurus missiles would not break stalemate in Ukraine – Berlin

Taurus missiles
Taurus missiles
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Even if Berlin decides to provide Ukraine with Taurus cruise missiles, the weapon will not fundamentally alter the course of the war, Maj. Gen. Christian Freuding of the German Defense Ministry said in an interview with RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland on Feb. 5.

Freuding noted that the Ukrainian forces are already using long-range weapons supplied by other Western allies.

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“No weapon system is a panacea or a game-changer,” said Freuding.

“What's more important is how the military leadership utilizes what they have at their disposal, with wisdom and taking into consideration the capabilities of the enemy.”

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The general added that much more important is the long-term structural development of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

According to Freuding, Germany is taking a leading role in ensuring Ukraine keeps growing its air defense network to counter Russia’s advantage in standoff weapon systems.

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German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius previously stated that Berlin has not ruled out the transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine but is not prepared to do so for now.

The delay may be attributable to the hesitance of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who has expressed concern that Kyiv might use Taurus missiles to attack Russian territory.

Ukraine has repeatedly stated that it would not use Western long-range missiles to strike sovereign Russian territory.

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