Taurus Systems assures swift restocking if Ukraine to receive missiles

Taurus missile
Taurus missile

German Taurus Systems GmbH, the company that produces Taurus cruise missiles, is ready to swiftly replenish missile stocks for Ukraine, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle said on Jan. 20.

The company flatly refuted German Social Democratic Party and Defense Committee MP Johannes Arlt’s claims that the German defense industry could not rapidly replenish missile stocks.

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"We can push forward the production of new Taurus missiles, platform integration, and the overhaul of inventory at short notice,” said Taurus Systems CEO, Joachim Knopf, according to MBDA Deutschland missile systems company on X (Twitter) on Jan. 19.

“The only prerequisite is that the customer has commissioned it."

MBDA, to which Taurus Systems belongs, stated in November 2023 that it was able to rapidly increase Taurus missile production and integrate new technical advances, according to DW.

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The German Bundestag rejected a proposal on Jan. 17 to supply Ukraine with Taurus cruise missiles. Only 178 MPs voted in favor, with 485 voting against.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, during a visit to Kyiv in November 2023, told journalists that Ukraine would not receive the missiles from his country.

These delays may be attributable to the hesitance of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who has expressed concern that Kyiv might use Taurus missiles to attack Russian territory.

The German government condemned Russian strikes on Ukrainian territory on Jan. 3, calling them a war crime. However, a representative from the German government, Steffen Hebestreit, said that the country was still not ready to provide Taurus missiles.

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